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Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

Coal Base 4 mm pellets
Coal Base 4 x 8
Coal Base 4 x 10
Coal Base 8 x 30
Coal Base 12 x 40
Coal Base 12 x 40 acid washed
Coal Base 20 x 50
Coal Base 200 powder
Coal Base 325 powder
Coconut Shell 4 x 8
Coconut Shell 4 x 10
Coconut Shell 12 x 30
Coconut Shell 20 x 50
Coconut Shell 200 powder
Coconut Shell 325 powder

Impregnated and wood base forms available. 

Sizes not listed above can also be manufactured. To inquire about a specific size, contact us with your specifications. 

All products are in stock and can be shipped together to save on freight costs. 

Activated Carbon SDS
Granular Activated Carbon 8x30 Mesh Virgin, Coal Base
Granular Activated Carbon 12x40 Mesh virgin, Coal Base
Granular Activated Carbon 12x40 Mesh Acid Washed Virgin, Coal Base
Activated Carbon Data Sheet 12x30 Carbon, Coconut Shell

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