Activated Carbon Data Sheet

Grade:  12x30 Carbon - Coconut Shell
Grade 12 x 30 is a granular coconut shell manufactured by steam activation. The material is a porous adsorbent with a highly developed internal surface area. Incorporation of a final stage de-dusting and water washing further enhances this products aesthetic cleanliness for drinking water application.

• Excellent hardness • Highly developed Micropore structure
• Highly developed pore structure • Optimum adsorption kinetics

Standard Specifications
Parameters Unit Value Method
Type Coconut Shell
CTC % min 60 ASTM D3467
Moisture as packed % max 5 ASTM D2867
Hardness % min 98 ASTM D3802
Mesh Size (US Sieve) ASTM D2862
+12 (1.70mm) % max 5
12 x 30 (1.70 x 0.60mm) Balance
-30 (0.60mm) % max 5

Typical Parameters
Parameters Unit Value Method
Bulk Density g cm3 0.48 ASTM D2854
Density-Back Washed & Drained g cm3 0.42 * See Note
pH Aqueous Extract 10 ASTM D3838
Ignition Temperature Degree C 350 ASTM D3466
Ash % 2 ASTM D2866
Iodine Number mg g-1 1500 ASTM D4607
Surface Area m2 g-1 1200 BET N2
Pore Volume cm3g-1 0.73
Pore Size Distribution
Micropores (r< 1.0mm) cm3 g-1 0.40 N2 Isotherm
Mesopores (r=1.25mm) cm3 g-1 0.12 N2 Isotherm
Macropores(r> 25mm) cm3 g-1 0.21 Hg Porosimetry
Dechlorination Half Life cm 1.80 DIN 19603
* The weight per unit volume on a dry basis of a bed of activated carbon that has been back washed and drained