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Anthracite Building

Question & Answer

  • What benefits can we expect from converting our filters from single-sand to a dual-media (sand and anthracite) system?
    • Anthracite angularity results in a large void ratio and allows more solids holding capacity than rounded sands - yielding a consistently better filtrate quality throughout a filter run. The Dual-Media System more fully utilizes the entire bed for storage of filtered solids since water passing through a Dual-Media filter contacts the coarser anthracite offering ample void area to effect removal and storage of the suspended solids. The Dual-Media System also requires a lower backwash rate to achieve fluidization with filtration rate of 3-4 time higher than those of rapid sand filters.
  • What additional benefits can we expect from using a uniformity coefficient of <1.3 on our Filter Anthracite in the Dual-Media System?
    • The lower uniformity coefficient anthracite has less oversized and undersized particles resulting in a highly uniform bed. The low uniformity coefficient anthracite coal requires much lower backwash rates, which results in substantial savings to the owner due to annual wash water reductions.
  • How can we determine when we need to replace our media system?
    • Depending upon many factors including the operation and maintenance of related filter components, the media system typically requires replacement every 15-20 years. Media has a tendency to round-off from attrition and lose it effectiveness. The media also can increase in size due to the agglomeration of chemicals and polymers adhering to the media. CEI Anthracite can provide filter evaluations to determine solutions for your filter maintenance needs.
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